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Salah satu bahasa gaul berbentuk singkatan yang belakangan ramai dan populer dipakai di media sosial adalah "ILYSM". Halaman: Editor: Al Mahfud Tags arti bahasa gaul ILYSM Arti ILYSM dalam bahasa gaul, apa maksud dan makna ilysm serta artinya, sering dipakai anak muda di media sosial, Twitter, WhatsApp, Chat

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ILYSM stands for "I Love You So Much," and people use it on social media to express deep affection towards someone. This phrase has become a staple in modern-day relationships, especially among millennials and Gen Z. What makes ILYSM unique is its ability to convey heartfelt emotions in just a few letters.

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The term "ilysm" is a popular acronym used in electronic communications, especially in text messages or online chats. It stands for "I Love You So Much." The term is often used to express deep affection and is typically shared between close friends, family, or romantic partners.

Ternyata ini kepanjangan BH... Resep Aneka Jajan Pasar - Sama seperti Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Inggris juga memiliki singkatan yang seringkali digunakan banyak orang ketika mengirim pesan singkat alias chatting. Singkatan chat Bahasa Inggris itu antara lain seperti CMIIW, BRB, ASAP, IYKWIM, dan sebagainya.


L.L.Y.S.M. is an acronym that stands for "I Love You So Much." It is an expression of affection typically used to show appreciation for an act of kindness by a loved one or to express profound affection between family members, friends, or romantic partners.

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(Internet slang) Initialism of I love you so much

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When someone really cares about you, they might use the acronym ILYSM, which stands for "I love you so much." This term goes a step beyond the simple ILY, showing a deeper level of affection. After all, it takes a little extra effort to type out those two additional letters, right?

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ILYSM adalah singkatan dari kalimat dalam bahasa Inggris "I Love You So Much," yang dalam bahasa Indonesia berarti "Aku sangat mencintaimu." Singkatan ini digunakan untuk mengekspresikan perasaan cinta yang sangat mendalam dan tulus terhadap seseorang.

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Ilym stands as a symbol of curiosity itself—a representation of the endless pursuit of knowledge, exploration, and fascination. It encapsulates the innate human desire to uncover secrets, question the unknown, and embrace the peculiarities that surround us. In the realm of curiosities, ilym serves as a guide, encouraging individuals to.


The acronym ilysm stands for "I love you so much." It is a more heartfelt version of the abbreviation ILY and conveys a deeper level of love and devotion.

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ILYSMM means "I Love You So Much More." ILYSMM is a response to someone declaring their love for you. It is often said with an element of competitiveness (i.e., the responder then expects the first person to say ILYSMM too, and so it escalates). Said in other words, ILYSMM means "I love you more than you love me."

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The shorthand "ILYSM" is a quick way of saying, "I love you so much". The abbreviation is most often used in text and online messaging. More often than not, it is used as a way to express gratitude or show a little bit of love towards someone. ILYSM can also, though rarely, be used sarcastically.

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ILYSM means "I Love You So Much." The abbreviation ILYSM is used with the meaning "I Love You So Much" as an expression of affection. It is typically used to show appreciation of an act of kindness by a loved one. ILYSM can be used to express profound affection. However, as with many other abbreviations meaning "I love you," it should not.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication, language continues to shape-shift and adapt to the dynamic needs of its users. Among the myriad of acronyms and abbreviations that have permeated online conversations, "ILYSM" stands out as a poignant expression of affection. This four-letter acronym has become a staple in the digital lexicon, transcending linguistic barriers and.

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